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About us

3BUOYS started in 2018 as a small group of people who met every Sunday for a swim. Despite how we were feeling on that day, regardless of what was going on in our lives and no matter how unsympathetic the weather conditions, we would swim. From this, 3BUOYS has grown into an open water swimming community that welcomes everyone. We simply love sea swimming and pushing ourselves to overcome the challenges, whatever the conditions may be. The group reflects a mutual desire to support each other through any hardships we might be facing, whilst sharing lots of laughter and of course, some awesome swim memories!

Often those conditions are somewhat of a spectacle in the Summer months, and the same can be true for the Winter months as we swim from Devil’s Point and use the three swimming buoys as markers for our swimming lengths. As these buoys are anchored they tend to move with the tide, but we accept the challenge nevertheless. An adequate metaphor for life. 

We also happen to be a shoal of coffee lovers and always go for tea and medals (coffee and breakfast) after our swim.

The 3BUOYS group is best described as a bunch of ‘misfits that fit’. There are no egos, just a strong sense of friendship built from shivering over a hot coffee telling our life stories. We understand this modern world brings lots of stresses and strains on not just our physical but mental health too. Therefore, it’s important to have a support network around you, whether that’s family, friends or your open water swimming group! This is what 3BUOYS offers, without any judgements or fears. Meaningful bonds forged from overcoming challenges together. Just seeing a friendly face, a gentle slap on the back or having someone ask how you are, whilst getting changed in rain or shine, swimming alongside each other or having a chat out by the buoys as the sun rises is often enough to set you up for a good day. 
Our outlook is one of possibility, encouragement and support.

3BUOYS represents what we think is a gap or something missing in the water sports community. It’s a completely open and inclusive community group that wants to persuade and inspire anybody that wants to try a new challenge. To help you see that you can achieve anything with the support of likeminded people. 

The Team


We accept the challenge. 


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