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Alex Gooding came late to 3Buoys,Initially brought in to inject new ideas surrounding the use of modern technologies to improve the brand's reach. Once the creative juices started flowing, it was clear where the company was heading and that’s the website you see before you today. With his extensive knowledge in the Information Technology Sector, Alex applied his skillset in consulting with web developers and the design team to get to the end product as time efficiently as possible. Aside from Alex’s role within the company he currently leads a specialist team within the Ministry of Defence supporting various large projects for the Flotilla Domain (what we know as the Royal Navy). Previously, Alex spent 17 years within the military, initially with the British Army as a Physical Training Instructor before joining the Royal Marines and leading operations on various tours throughout Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan. In his spare time Alex enjoys travel, riding motorbikes, open water adventures, and spending time with his girlfriend Halle and their dog Jax in their hometown of Plymouth, Devon.

From a young age, Simon had competed in all levels of competitive sports. In early 2014 he suffered a grade 1 tear of his cruciate ligament on a football field. Sadly, this was his to be his last appearance on the pitch where he made the tough decision to hang up his boots. Many years passed where he felt he’d lost his sporting identity, however, in late 2018 he took up an offer to go for a swim at Devil’s Point in Plymouth. Simon says “I was really nervous as I hadn’t swum in the sea since I was a teenager. I kept putting it off until one Sunday I plucked up the courage and took the plunge. They all set off and I instantly realised I was not very good at swimming. It was evident I couldn’t keep up with the others! I managed to swim to the first buoy and decided that was enough for me. After getting changed in the freezing cold, then being warmed up by an extra hot coffee I went home and fell asleep on the sofa for three hours because I was exhausted”. However, what surprised me the most was I really enjoyed it and felt I could easily get hooked. Fast forward 2 years, Simon now swims regularly throughout Devon and Cornwall with the 3BUOYS group and is quite comfortable in 10k events and maybe one day has his eye on swimming the channel!

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Formerly serving in Her Majesty's Armed Forces Dan has developed a passion for all things Adventure. Having always had an interest in pushing his physical abilities, the cultivation began here. Putting the discipline and drive that he has developed from a military background to good use whilst keeping active and carrying out various forms of training; functional fitness, cycling, climbing, walking and swimming to name but a few. Branching out to open water swimming where friendships were built which later became the birth of 3BUOYS.

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