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  • What equipment would someone need when first pursuing open water swimming?
    It all depends on the time of year, but a good place to start would be; - Wetsuit - Goggles - Swim Buoy - Swimming Cap - Warm clothing (for afterwards) - Some sort of hydration. I.e. water, coffee or tea
  • Is there somewhere that I can check the tide times?
    If you navigate to the safety information page within this website you will find a number of links that will enable this request (to see high and low tides in your area). If you feel that the information is still not there, then Google would be your next best option.
  • Could I go swimming on my own?
    Swimming on your own can be excilerating at times and as a team we often do, but please keep within your limits and if in any doubt then just head straight for the coffee instead!
  • Can I swim at night?
    Swimming at night is an amazing sensation and a treat for the body and soul, but if you are heading out in the dark then try to light yourself up like BlackPool Tower with either reflective stickers/swim caps, or even glow sticks to help water craft see you and always let people know where you are going beforehand.
  • What is the best way to get in contact with 3BUOYS?
    There are various methods, - At the bottom of every page is a "Contact Us" link - Send us a message on Instagram @3buoys_ - At the bottom of the Safety and General Info page there is an "Edit This Review" Link - Or, just good old fashioned email:
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