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Taking the plunge

Everything has been different over the last year or so - the way we socialise, and the way we meet new people so taking the plunge to move to a new city midst a pandemic was either brave or stupid - it’s a fine line really but I’m still standing so hopefully the former is a closer descriptor. I found the 3BUOYS through the virtues of social media/one of the regulars and as a swimmer, thought that might be my chance to meet some likeminded souls.

Despite my outgoing nature, I get very anxious with new crowds, (the first activity I found in Plymouth had me sat in my car in an anxious daze for half an hour) but it wasn’t like that with 3Buoys. Instantly it

was like a reassuring pat on the back. Being a swimmer helped for sure but only for my own comfort because I was able to feel in control. It was very clear that being a fast swimmer wasn’t a requirement but sticking around for coffee and a chat post dip was (is) the main social point - happy with this! Over winter especially we carried on dipping and it’s given my weekends such a purpose and challenged me to push my boundaries with the cold! My favourite thing about it all is that 3BUOYS has created amazing additional social circles for me. Braving that first swim has led to braving other swims with other members of the community and this increased my social life. What could’ve been a very lonely move has turned into something quite amazing. I’ve kept my fitness up, developed a Sunday morning coffee addiction and explored the local area far more than I ever thought I would and it’s still going. The Sunday swims are the backbone but there are always more opportunities to get out and explore and I love it!

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